About the Author

Ann Frantti recently retired after 22 years as an elementary school principal in upstate New York.  Dr. Frantti has been recognized as a National Distinguished Principal by the United States Department of Education and the National Association of Elementary Principals. 

Ann and her sister were the primary caretakers for their mother, who had Alzheimer’s disease.  Ann wrote Grandma’s Cobwebs as a tribute to her mother, and she is intent on helping others navigate the changes in family dynamics that Alzheimer’s disease can bring. 

In 2001, Ann was honored by the Northeastern New York Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association as the Alzheimer’s Volunteer of the Year.  In 2007, she was also recognized as the Community Advocate of the Year.  She continues to speak around the country and has presented at the National Alzheimer’s Conference in Chicago, as well having spoken alongside Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Dr. Peter Rabins, author of The 36-Hour Day

Currently, she is spending some time enjoying retired life and traveling the world with her husband.